Elementary School

Kdg Tips

Tips to Help Your Child Be Successful in Kindergarten

K indle excitement about Kindergarten. Visit your school and meet you child's teacher.
I nvite new school friends home to play and help your child build strong friendships.
N ever forget safety. Teach your child safety rules - whether walking or taking the bus.
D iscuss what your child will be learning in school - colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.
E xplore your neighborhood together. Talk about the world you live in.
R eveiw the good behavior expected of your child, such as following rules and taking turns.
G et involved at your child's school. Join PTO. Volunteer in the classroom.
 A nswer your child's questions about school. Reassure your child that school is fun!
 R ead to your child daily. Visit the library together.
 T urn everyday into a learning experience. Let your child help with everyday chores.
 E ncourage your child to eat well, get enough sleep, bathe daily, and brush teeth 2x a day.
 N otice the new things your child is learning to do. Reinforce your child's progress with praise.