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Welcome to the 2E Classroom Webpage!
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This web-page will provide parents/guardians and students with the information needed to remain current on happenings in the classroom. It will also provide information that you may find helpful throughout the school year. Some items that you should look for are the classroom newsletter, upcoming events, information about projects and happenings, contact information, important websites, etc. It will be updated weekly during the school year.

2E Info
Here's the Scoop on Accelerated Reader
EACH MONTH students are required to earn at least 5 A.R. points. If your child fails to stay current on their points, they will not be able to participate in the monthly A.R. reward parties. I will update your child's A.R. points each week on the class newsletter. Attached you will also find the following
* a website to look up A.R. books.
* a website to monitor your child's A.R. tests/scores.

The class goal is that everyone earn a water bottle, which is 30 points. Happy READING! 
Helpful Websites
Be sure to check out the websites at the right side of my page. They are websites with games for kids to practice their spelling, math, reading, and English skills. Check them out! These are great for extra practice!
Birthday Lunch
If your child is celebrating a birthday, you are welcome to join them at school for lunch. Please send a note to school a few days in advance notifying me of the day you are hoping to attend lunch with your child. July and August summer birthdays may choose a date in August or September. Hope to see you here!
Smart Snacks
Our school follows a smart snack policy. Only healthy snacks are allowed for birthdays, class parties, etc. Please see the attached list of Walmart items that have been approved.
Technology Connections
If you are interested, I have attached a step-by-step directions page of how parents are able to view grades and/or track A.R. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact me.

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