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Welcome to Mrs. Steinkamp's class

Welcome to my Kindergarten website! You may visit this site for information about upcoming events/activities, students of the week, club members, monthly themes, etc.  I will also keep an updated newsletter on the site for your reference.  If you ever need to contact me, please feel free to email me from this site or call the school (contact info. is on the right).  Let's have a great year in Kindergarten! :)

Our corporation's policy is that every adult volunteering in the classroom or going on field trips MUST have a complete criminal background check...approximately $40. Once complete, the check is good for your child's entire school career!

To apply:
Go to:  www.in.gov/isp/2674.htm
Next:  click on the L-1 Enrollment Services Scheduling.
Last:  click on the Online Scheduling
This will allow you to schedule your online appointment. Appointments are required at all locations for fingerprinting.
If you need assistance, call 1-877-472-6917.

Mrs. Steinkamp's K4 Kindergarten :)
Remind 101 - a safe texting option

Remind 101 is an easy, safe, and fast way to keep you updated on 2-hour delays, reminders for events, color days, parties, picture day, etc.  All you need to do is text 81010 with the message @steinka.  Our personal cell phone numbers will not be displayed.  You will simply receive texts from me.  It is an amazing technological tool that is simple and very beneficial!  Sign up today!

AR Total Points
AR Leaders

Aiden (146.4 pts.)
Piper (77.3 pts.)
Sutton (74.7 pts.)
Dustin (60.1 pts.)
Serenity (51.5 pts.)
Emmalyn (46.3 pts.)
Wyatt (42.6 pts.)
Marlee (41.3 pts.)
Sammy (30.1 pts.)
Willy (14.9 pts.)
Willa (12.3 pts.)
Anna (4.0 pts.)
Emilee (3.2 pts.)
Ella (3.1 pts.)
Brooke (2.9 pts.)
Brantley (2.2 pts.)
Alexis (1.6 pts.)
Prizes are awarded for every 5 pts. and are as follows:

5 pts. - Principal's pride pencil, bookmark, member of the AR Club
10 pts. - treasure box, sticker
15 pts. - DQ ice cream cone
20 pts.- sit by a friend in class all day
25 pts. - coin tower prize 
30 pts. - DQ dilly bar/ice cream sandwich, I love reading bracelet
35 pts. -homework pass
40 pts. - extra recess
45 pts. - DQ sundae, Book Nook (15 minutes)
50 pts. - Happy Meal

Prizes after 50 pts. require 10 pts. before reward
60 pts. - DQ small blizzard
70 pts. - teacher's helper of the day
80 pts. - Book Nook (30 minutes)
90 pts. - go to 1st grade and read a story
100 pts. - party in your honor
120 pts. - Calendar teacher for the week
140 pts. - Choose another K class to help for 1/2 day
160 pts. - Give the K spelling test
180 pts. - Spend 1/2 day in 1st grade
200 pts. - ALL class extra recess :)
200 + pts. - Teacher's Choice

Link to World Book Online (check out thousands of easy-to-read articles, videos, maps, etc. to use for research OR complete projects and/or experiments)!


"Fast" Math Fact Levels
Math Facts Leaders

Lv. 4
If you want to see the special days by month, click on the Profile tab at the top to see our monthly calendar with specific dates of our fun days this month!
Kindergarten Clubs



Hugs & Kisses Club (I can write my name on the lines)!

Willa, Garrett, Aiden, Emilee, Serenity, Sutton, Marlee, Anna, Willy, Ella, Keegan, Wyatt, Brooke, Emmalyn, Alexis, Piper, Brantley, Zaiden, Sammy, Forest, Joseph, Lucas

Starburst Club (I know my color words!)

Serenity, Aiden, Sammy, Marlee, Sutton, Keegan, Willa, Piper, Emilee, Garrett, Wyatt, Anna, Alexis, Brantley, Willy, Emmalyn, Ella, Joseph, Lucas, Zaiden, Brooke

Pop Rocks Club (I can tie my shoes)!

Serenity, Aiden, Ella, Piper, Lucas, Willa, Emmalyn, Keegan, Emilee, Sutton, Sammy, Marlee, Anna

Pete The Cat Club (I know my # words)!

Aiden, Serenity, Sutton, Marlee, Willa, Emmalyn, Emilee, Wyatt, Piper, Alexis, Ella, Sammy, Keegan, Lucas, Brantley, Anna, Willy

Firefighter Club (I know my phone #)!

Ella, Willa, Sammy, Aiden, Emilee, Wyatt, Serenity, Piper, Sutton, Marlee, Anna, Brantley, Zaiden, Garrett, Emmalyn, Keegan, Willy, Zaiden

Hot Club (I know my address in case of an emergency)!

Sammy, Aiden, Emilee, Serenity, Piper, Sutton, Willa, Brantley, Ella, Garrett, Emmalyn, Marlee

Laffy Taffy Club (I know my rhyming words)!

Willa, Garrett, Sammy, Emmalyn, Aiden, Keegan, Lucas, Emilee, Wyatt, Serenity, Piper, Alexis, Sutton, Marlee, Anna, Willy, Brooke, Ella

Teepee Club (I know my 2D and 3D shapes!)

Sammy, Aiden, Sutton, Emmalyn, Marlee, Serenity, Willa, Lucas, Emilee, Piper, Alexis, Anna

Candy Cane Club (I know my months of the year AND days of the week in order)! :)

Willa, Garrett, Sammy, Emmalyn, Aiden, Emilee, Serenity, Piper, Alexis, Sutton, Marlee, Anna, Willy 

100 Grand Club (I can count AND write to 100)! :)

Ella, Willa, Garrett, Sammy, Emmalyn, Aiden, Keegan, Lucas, Emilee, Serenity, Piper, Alexis, Sutton, Brantley, Marlee, Willy, Brooke

Bubblegum Club (I can write my first, middle, and last name on the lines)!

Willa, Garrett, Sammy, Emmalyn, Aiden, Keegan, Emilee, Serenity, Piper, Alexis, Sutton, Brantley, Marlee, Anna, Willy, Brooke

Coin Club (I know my money and their amount)!

Willa, Aiden, Serenity, Sutton, Sammy, Emmalyn, Emilee, Lucas, Wyatt, Brooke, Marlee

Fruit Roll-Up Club (I can say the Pledge of Allegiance)!

Ella, Willa, Garrett, Sammy, Emmalyn, Aiden, Keegan, Lucas, Emilee, Wyatt, Serenity, Piper, Alexis, Sutton, Brantley, Marlee, Forest, Anna, Willy, Brooke, Zaiden, Dustin

Punch Club (I know my punctuation marks and when to use them)!

Emmalyn, Wyatt, Piper, Sutton, Marlee, Willy, Brooke

Popsicle Club (I know my vowels and the 2 sounds they make)!

Aiden, Keegan, Lucas, Emilee, Wyatt, Serenity, Piper, Sutton, Marlee, Anna, Willy, Dustin

CVC Club (I can read CVC words)!

Aiden, Emmalyn, Willy, Piper, Emilee, Sutton, Serenity, Marlee, Sammy, Alexis, Dustin, Wyatt

Popcorn Club (I can read all popcorn words)!
AR Club (I have at least 5 AR points)!

Aiden, Piper, Marlee, Emmalyn, Sutton, Serenity, Sammy, Dustin, Willy, Wyatt, Willa

Popcorn Words

Kindergarten Common Core Standards For Indiana
Kdg. English/Lang. Commom Core Standards

Kindergarten Standards


Contact Me!
Mary Jane Steinkamp
358-3680 ext. 3209

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