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Track and Field is at the high school on Wednesday, May 17. We will arrive there shortly after 9:00 and return to school at 1:00. You are welcome to come watch. Your child will need a sack lunch and drink.

We will have a picnic outside our school for our students. This is for the students only! They will need a sack lunch for this as well.


Whats happening?
Theme for Week of May 15
Theme- Race and Transportation


Our big book for this week is On 
The Go
. It teaches us how people all over the world travel. We will be doing a variety of activities with this book. 

We will also make race cars, race hats, and hot dog hot rods. Thanks to those who provided the supplies for our special snack. We will do several math and reading activities around the race theme.

We will review ALL popcorn words from this year.

-Rounding to 10s
-Odd/Even Numbers
- < = >

Popcorn Words

 The children will be exposed to popcorn words. These are words that "pop" up everywhere when we read.  The first words they will be asked to read are:

I, a, my, is, the, can, you, am, an, see, he, me, she, to, it, and, go, on, not, said, will, play, by, for, are, like, if, of, has, want, with, be, all, like, good, went, look, have, we, do, as, no, yes, his, up, down, at, out, in, little, your, was, who, that, eat, had, what, how, saw, who, big, now, but

Spelling Words
Spelling Words for May 16
a, all, am, and, are, as, at, be, by, can, did, do, go, for, had, have, he, his, I, in, is

Spelling Words for May 18
it, like, look, love, me, my, no, not, on, play, said, see, she, the, they, to, was, we, will, yes, you
Monkey Moolah and Interrupting Chickens
If your child has behaviorally done his/her best each day, they will receive a "Monkey Dollar" at the end of the day.  Once they reach 10, they return them to school to cash in on a prize.

If a child interrupts frequently and causes me to stop teaching, they will receive a chicken next to their name.  Once they receive 3 in a day, they must move their monkey.  Please encourage your child to listen when I am speaking to the class and to raise their hand if they would like to answer or ask a question.

At the end of each day, ask your child if they received a dollar bill or if they were an interrupting chicken!

Popcorn Club- Can you spell all of your popcorn words?


How Can You Help Your Child?

1. Practice, practice, practice tying shoes!!!!!

2. Read and spell the spelling words!

3. Count

4. Practice writing #0-100.

5. Practice writing sentences using uppercase letters at the beginning, writing the sounds the child hears in the word, leaving spaces, and putting a period at the end of the sentence.

6. Practice writing your last name!

7. Practice identifying coins and counting by 5s.

Weekly Schedule
Tuesday- Spelling Test
Track and Field Day at BCHS
Thursday- Spelling Test; Gym

We will go to the library on Fridays.  Please make sure your child has returned his/her book by the following Friday.
Charlie- 17th

Faith- 10th

Izzy- 14th
Rosie- 15th
Spencer- 23rd

Elmer- 1st
Zoe- 10th
Jace- 13th

If you want to celebrate your child's summer birthday, please let me know. We are running out of days.

Reminder- No Cookies are Cupcakes. The snack must also be store-bought!


According to our school policy, it is recommended that we serve healthy, store-bought  foods during snack and parties.  Please do not send cupcakes or cookies.  If you would like a list of suggested snacks by the state, go to the following link:

Contact Me!
Jill Stuckwisch
812-358-3680 ext 208

Created: Mar 9, 2011
Updated: May 12, 2017
Viewed 2265 times

Contact Me!
Jill Stuckwisch
812-358-3680 ext 208

Created: Mar 9, 2011
Updated: May 12, 2017
Viewed 2265 times

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